Training & Learning Solutions

Overcome the challenges of training today’s multi-generational workforce that advances and changes so quickly, and has staffs of different learning styles with our customised Training solutions and Learning Management System(LMS).




Revolutionising Training & Learning Management System(LMS)

Training and Learning Management Systems(LMS) not only increases efficiency and reduces overall training costs, but more importantly, provides consistent, high-quality training for employees that produce results that exceed expectations.

A Learning Management System(LMS) will benefit both the management team and employees, providing each with resources to perform better at their roles and responsibilities. A Learning Management System(LMS) is centralised across all offices, brances and management. At anytime, new training content can be added and existing ones can be edited without disrupting the whole workflow or causing any discrepancies among the various workplaces. This enables any training process to be fuss-free and be done with ease in the shortest time possible.



Learning on-the-go is made possible as employees are able to retrieve information at anytime and anywhere, which eliminates the inconvenience of off-site trainings or extra work hours to incorporate training schedules. Periodic self-assessments can also be incorporated to ensure that continuous training is provided and high standards of employee learning are maintained.

Massive Infinity is known for providing customised solutions and we want you to be able to enjoy that. Customisation allows a learning management system to fit seamlessly into the current workflow so as to ease the on-boarding and learning of users.





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