Photo Reporting

Rapport is a photo reporting system that creates paperless reports for Civil Engineering, Public Works and Maintenance Inspections using our mobile application.



  1. Save time and opportunity cost
    Reduce and streamline day to day operations to save time and opportunity costs 

  2. Shorter procedure
    Trim manual work which allows field personnel to focus on actual operational issues

  3. Minimize errors and delays 
    Immediate generation and retrieval of reports help minimize delays and errors













  1. Report repository
    Have the entire report repository at your fingertips for immediate retrieval, and you never have to worry about that report you spent hours looking for.  

  2. On-site reporting 
    Create professional reports efficiently on the go and eliminate the process of penning down notes on paper and creating reports back in the office, allowing instant report creation in pre-defined formats. 

  3. Offline mode 
    With Rapport’s offline function, conducting inspections in tunnels and underground on train tracks has never been easier! Create reports even on offline mode, before syncing it when WIFI or data is next available.

  4. Customization available 
    Share your workflow with us, and we can customize Rapport to match your workflow for seamless and efficient on-boarding of employees.



  • Project Management 
  • Management of Inspectors 
  • Syncing & updating of reports 
  • Report generation 
  • Report formatting 
  • Approval of reports 


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