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To enhance productivity as a large-scale manufacturer of smart chips, an enterprise system using eTags was designed to track the entire production process of each batch of smart chips and efficiently coordinate delivery and shipment of products to customers.



  • Enterprise Solution
  • In-app Calendar
  • Simple and Functional

The eTag System is a customised solution for monitoring and tracking the numerous batches of smart chips in and out of the warehouse. With the implementation of this app, the operational and logistical processes at Technoprobe has been streamlined and made efficient and more reliable. With all the key aspects integrated into one system, more resources can be channelled into other key areas of the company.


Not needing to redirect out of the app for an e-calendar enables the app to be much more convenient and comprehensive for users. The in-app calendar syncs up essential operations and happenings with each day and date, allowing all levels of staff to keep track of product movements within the factory or warehouse till it is due for shipment and delivery.



The eTag System has a simple user interface design which enables Technoprobe to easily navigate and select the different functional features. With a user-friendly user interface, the learning curve will be gentle for all employees to participate in using the app for work processes.


eTag System

CLIENT: Technoprobe | SCOPE: Enterprise Systems

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