Capitastar Match & Win

CLIENT: CapitaMalls Asia | SCOPE: Mobile App Development

About The App


For the auspicious Lunar New Year season, a limited edition web-based game was developed to accompany Capitamall's collectable red packets with QR codes. Shoppers can collect and scan the codes to play various themed games that will reward in terms of redeemable STAR$. One of the games include a matching game where users can tap on lily pads in order to find the right match to win.


  • Interactive Game
  • Reward System

A fun themed game can help to boost sales revenue, influence consumer behavior and complement marketing campaigns. For the case of capitastar Match & Win, shoppers would be motivated by both the Lunar New Year user interface design and collecting red packet to earn rewards.


At Massive Infinity, we are able to work with IT teams to help integrate seasonal games to existing apps. For this project, an interactive yet simple reward system is embedded into the mobile app which sends reward codes to the user’s personal email address which encourages repeated and continued usage of the mobile app. The development team also has protocols that comply with Singapore's ISO certification, ensuring IT security when it comes to data collection of personal information.  

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