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Why React Native Is The Way To Go In 2019

Friday, 5 April, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

Why React Native Is The Way To Go In 2019

This 5-minute article will shell out some good, simple reasons why you need to find a team of mobile app developers who can handle React Native without any qualms. We can’t deny that there’s so much science and tech behind the whole React Native shabam, but trust that this would be a digestible read that has watered down words and terms that is different from a developer’s textbook. 

To begin, ‘What is React Native?’

React Native is a Javascript framework based on React, Facebook’s Javacript library for building user interfaces. React Native is for developing mobile applications, while React targets web browser interfaces.

So now you’re thinking: ‘Why React Native and why talk about it now?'

React Native is relatively new in the mobile application development industry. Deployed in 2012, even seasoned developers may not be familiar with the way it codes. However, React Native is game-changing, and it’s worth the effort spent on our end to write an article. Here’s 3 big reasons:


1. Cross-platform Framework

React Native currently supports both iOS and Android so the developed mobile app can now run on both platforms without sacrificing performance and agility. React Native produces a reusable code on both of these operating systems, possibly shortening development time. The extra time factored into development can allow the team to test and refine the app by making minor modifications to create the perfect mobile app. Traditionally, different codes have to be programmed for different platforms, which increases time taken and cost to develop.


2. Robust & Speedy Mobile Apps

We believe that no mobile app user would be happy with staring at a loading screen for minutes or experience lags and crashes when using an app. When it comes to speed and functionality, React Native makes use of the Graphics Processing Unit(GPU). This GPU enables the architecture to be super fast, providing users in the front and back-end of the mobile app a superior user experience. With good UI/IUX being one of the top priorities with clients developing mobile apps, React Native is definitely the way to go.


3. Compatible With 3rd Party Plug-ins

React Native enables one to produce an all-encompassing app with the best features. This is done so by incorporating third party apps and plug-ins. For example, you can add features such as Google Maps or Google Calendar to amp up your basic mobile app to provide a more comprehensive and functional mobile app for your users. This characteristic of React Native developed apps is really a win for businesses as it includes features that users already love and are familiar with. 


React Native may still be new, but it’s already showing many signs and making minor shifts in the paradigm of mobile app development. As it continues to progress, React Native may be able to offer many benefits along the way such as being able to support more platforms, have better user interfaces, more stable apps, faster development time, just to name a few. These factors are crucial in determining the success of your app and in turn, your business. Beginning to build your app with a team that knows how to code in React Native is the first step to being at the front of the pack in terms of technological advancements. Talk to us today and we’ll be happy to share more about what we do best.




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