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7 Fast-rising Mobile App Development Trends You Should Look Out For

Friday, 5 April, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

7 Fast-rising Mobile App Development Trends You Should Look Out For

Developing mobile applications can be a boon to your organisation provided that it streamlines processes for both the company and end users. No doubt it has become commonplace to develop mobile apps, but some businesses today are struggling with gaining and sustaining a solid following, making the initial investment not worth the while.

There may be a multitude of reasons why users deem an app as dispensable to their lives, but this article will strive to mitigate that by relaying 7 rising trends in the mobile app development industry. Here’s what’s at the top of our list:


1) Augmented and Virtual Reality

These days, both organisations and users are looking for more points of engagement and interaction. The future ahead welcomes a wide two-way street between the app and user, instead of the app being an information feeder to the end user. With AR and VR, users are able to have a multi-dimensional experience that is novel and fun. With higher engagement, users are more likely to stay on the app for a longer time, enabling them to enjoy the services you provide. Check out how our nifty developers at Massive Infinity can implement AR in your mobile app with Facebook AR Studio. User-generated content are viewed more credibly and shared more widely - something you might want to invest in especially if you would like your brand to have a louder voice out of the plethora of mobile apps available in the market in the years to come.


2) In-app Personalisation

Our phones are getting smarter, and so should the apps we have on our phones. Some of the most successful apps are big on personalisation, think Spotify, Instagram and Airbnb. These apps provide suggestions based on usage - frequently played songs, photos that the user engages with daily and type of apartment a traveller looks at. Personalisation is becoming a huge thing that will not only enrich a user’s experience, but it will also help your business to be more targeted and accurate with the content pushed to users with the user data collected.

3) Greater Focus on App Security

On the same note as point number 2, digital agencies like Massive Infinity and clients are increasingly placing an emphasis on app security. With personalisation comes more personal information being divulged in the app and this may increase the chances of user data being stolen or misappropriated. The developer team at Massive Infinity dedicates their time to ensure that completely secure apps are being delivered to our clients. Some of the common methods and processes are data encryption, adding multiple layers of passwords and having a specialised developer for app security. 


4) Blockchain Technology

You probably sort-of know this from the highly talked about BitCoin and cryptocurrencies at one point this year. But really, blockchain goes beyond that and can value-add to our lives in many ways. The brainchild of a group of people who named themselves Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain has evolved to something amazing. The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger that keeps a record of all data exchanges. No one person controls the information and anyone in the community is able to add data to the block. Each person in the community will then verify the new block before it is added to the blockchain permanently. In essence, blockchain technology is useful for recording and safekeeping anything of value. 


5) Rise in M-Commerce

The mobile development industry is seeing an influx of users making payments with pay-based apps instead of using cash or card. This gives rise to the realm of M-Commerce, where users are increasingly expecting apps to support in-app payments or to fuel some of their move towards a cashless and more convenient society.

6) Internet of Things(IoT)

Home objects such as lights, electronic oil diffusers and refrigerators can now be controlled via apps on our smartphones. What’s out there is definitely more than this and the stats will baffle you. Analysts in 2017 found that around 8.4 billion IoT devices were used last year, a figure that increased by 31% as compared to 2016! Similar to adding personalisation, enterprise use of IoT enables comprehensive, real-time data collection, providing more control for businesses over their processes and customers.

7) Wearable Apps

Before we conclude, let’s not forget about the growing number of wearable devices available in the market. Gadgets such as fitness trackers and smart watches are undoubtedly becoming the new in thing to wear. We are seeing users checking into these apps daily because these apps happen to be fun and informative that can provide personalised messages and lifestyle recommendations based on the stats and activity of each user.

Moving forward…

This list is definitely not exhaustive and the app development industry never ceases to surprise us with wonder and awe. These are the 7 things we think you should look out for if you would like to know a little bit more about the mobile app development industry or are seeking for app development inspiration. We’re just a call or message away if you need our expertise and we can’t wait to speak with you if you have a small inkling of a project idea in mind. Let’s see what we can make happen together!



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