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3-Minute TECH TALK: Mobile Analytics

Tuesday, 17 September, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

3-Minute TECH TALK: Mobile Analytics

In our second instalment of 3-Minute Tech Talk, we are eager to enlighten our readers on Mobile Analytics. This will also be the first article of our series on Mobile Analytics in the month of September. Our team hopes that the introduction of a theme-focused series will bring much knowledge to people about this rising practice in the mobile development industry, especially if your business is looking to develop a new mobile application. 


The understanding of analytics in our digitalised world will probably be easier if you can explain the term ‘Analytics’ and then you put the two together. But since you’re here, we’re expecting that you might need a little more help in this department so here’s our definition:


Mobile Analytics is the practice of collecting data from various digital metrics with regards to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The metrics include measuring interactions between app and user, classified as User Engagement, User Retention, Conversion and also how well the app serves its function for its users. These useful information collected are just some out of the many that are customisable, depending on the needs of your business. In short, Mobile Analytics is the act of turning large scales of collected data and into useful information that can help businesses make better decisions and attain their goals more easily. 


What Businesses Can Expect From It?

Now if you’re planning to inculcate Mobile Analytics because it is the new in thing, this is where you start taking (mental) notes. 


The famous line from world famous management consultant, Peter Drucker says, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, and that pretty much sums up the importance of Big Data and Mobile Analytics for businesses. 


Mobile Analytics help companies discover what works in their strategies, and what doesn’t. This is because data enables one to understand the various specificities and aspects of each strategy and tactic. It helps companies to see what exactly their target consumers want(and do not want), if there are products that are more/less sought after at certain times of the day and even on which days. The analyses can be endless and very much focused on what you think is important for your business. It brings into play demographics, geography and psychographics - statistical characteristics that change according to trends/seasons and matter to a business every single day. 


Knowing what works is power and it definitely helps to elevate a business in tremendous and vastly significant ways. Our team largely believe in implementing Mobile Analytics in the mobile apps we develop as it keeps both consumers and employees satisfied, and that determines a business’s success.


Are There Any Disadvantages?

As with everything in this world, be it how amazing Mobile Analytics can be, it of course comes with certain trade-offs or downsides. We came across a pretty interesting article that was published by LinkedIN recently about Mobile Analytics - Why making data-driven decisions is not the be all and end all. 


The article warns readers about the dangers of relying solely on Big Data and Analytics and mentioned how certain companies can shirk responsibilities as a result of data collection. The other argument is about the lost of natural human biases, which the writer deems even more important than numbers obtained and flashed on a dashboard. 


Nevertheless, the Massive team is still a huge proponent for Mobile Analytics and is convinced that having quantifiable measurements is as important as quantitative measurements. We do not have to give up our natural human judgements, nor do we need to say no to what the world of tech and data can offer.



As mentioned above, the next few articles of this series will dive into how you can utilise Mobile Analytics to understand and improve your User Retention rates, Conversion rates as well as App Performance. Till then, Mobile Analytics will continue to prove itself as it becomes increasingly prominent in our world.



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