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4 Ways To Increase Downloads For Your E-Commerce Mobile App

Wednesday, 4 September, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

4 Ways To Increase Downloads For Your E-Commerce Mobile App

If you have recently developed a mobile app for your e-commerce business, a roll-out strategy is probably already in the workings to prepare for the launch. From the marketing perspective, the roll-out strategy is equally important, or even more important than the mobile app development process itself. This is because a sum of money has already been invested in developing a mobile app so it’s only expected that some (or actually, a lot) of return on investment is anticipated.

The first and essential step to any roll-out strategy is to decide how the mobile app can garner downloads from your target users. This article will give you insights on the top 4 ways to increase downloads for your up and coming e-commerce mobile app. But before we begin, here are some convincing statistics about Mobile E-commerce to show you how big a deal it is to ensure that your new mobile app gets downloaded:

  • In 2019, desktop sales is projected to remain stagnant while Mobile Commerce is expected to account for more than 50% the online sales in Singapore 
  • 26% of Singaporeans shop online at least once a week and 58% purchase online at least once a month
  • According to a survey by Go-Globe, 50% of Singaporeans would do all their shopping online if possible


These numbers above evidently show that Singaporean shoppers are using more mobile devices for their purchases and the bulk of online sales revenue comes from mobile devices. These numbers are only set to increase in multifold in the next few years, which means a proper M-commerce and E-commerce strategy is essential. If you got started with your mobile app development, it’s time to get down to business with your roll-out strategy by including these in your new mobile app:


Include App Exclusive Features

This is one element that enables your business to have an edge over other existing platforms at all times, and not just for the initial launch. Businesses usually see a sharp spurt in app downloads when the app has just been launched because users are usually curious and excited about a new app. However, user retention rate typically begins to dip as the months go by, especially when there is a lack of interaction between the brand and customer. Customers start to forget about the app or worse, delete the app from their mobile phones because it is taking up precious memory space.

To counter the dips in mobile app usage after the initial download phase, app exclusive features such as exclusive discount codes or first-hand knowledge on new arrivals, events or special app-only deals can be utilised in your new mobile app.



Sales & Discounts

The beauty of online shopping, for shoppers, is that discount codes can be applied easily and, for businesses, sales start to peak healthily as well. To drive users to download and utilise your new mobile app, exclusive discounts or promo codes can be made applicable for first time app purchases only. This gives new shoppers and current loyal customers the impetus to download the app and start shopping because they know there will be savings involved while enjoying their purchases at the same time. 



App exclusive products can also be made available with the launch of the new app. If a select few products can only be found on the mobile app, then users will be driven to not only download the app at first launch, but also keep the app on their phones at all times so they can be on the lookout for exclusive products that cannot be found on the website or in-stores. 


Optimising The Push Notifications Feature

Our team recently wrote an article going in-depth about push notifications and the benefits it brings to businesses and their mobile applications. The team at Massive Infinity believes that the mobile apps of today should not go without the push notification feature, so needless to say, it is a top feature we suggest to our clients developing mobile apps for E-commerce and M-commerce. Push notifications can be enabled for a plethora of uses, some of which includes first hand knowledge on discounts and sales - be it in brick and mortar stores, pop-up events or online. 

Push notifications can also be personalised for each user, a big aspect for the marketing industry in 2019. This can involve collaboration with the wishlist feature on the app, which allows users to like and keep specific products they wish to purchase on a virtual list. To boost sales on specific days or even hour of the day, automated discount codes can be given out to specific users according to the products they have on their wishlists. This gives some customers the push that they need to cart out their products that have been sitting in their carts or wishlists for a period of time. 

The push notification feature can be seen as a boon to many online shoppers as only mobile apps support the feature. Avid shoppers will never want to miss out on a sale or discount, especially if it involves items they have been keeping their eyes peeled for. 


Impressive App Store Display

Target users are more likely to gain the confidence to download a mobile app if it is portrayed professionally and impressively in the app store. This includes a grammar-free and professional description about what the mobile app can offer. The benefits of the app should be displayed succinctly as online users looking for apps to download usually do not give much attention to reading. To cater to those who do not like to read, key screenshots that show the unique features of the app should be selected and available for users’ viewing as well. Here we can see that every aspect of display in the app store plays a pivotal role, from the content, to the app logo as well as the ratings and reviews.

The chances of getting an app downloaded heavily depends on raving ratings and reviews from other users. It is of no surprise that mobile app users or netizens are becoming more discerning these days. Seeking out reviews and recommendations from current and past users has become a habit that potential customers rely on as mobile apps are intangible products. It is thus important for your business to pay much attention and effort to app store display as other businesses tend to overlook and belittle this aspect of their roll-out strategy. 


Harness the Power of Social Networks



According to Google, 49% of mobile app downloads are driven by ads on social media. Depending on organic growth is not easy especially when the mobile app has just been launched. With a robust marketing strategy in place, organic growth will take place over time. For the initial launch, be it a mobile app from a reputable brand or not, our team suggests some form of paid advertisement on high traffic social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These platforms support advertisements that are specially tailored for mobile app installation with a click of the call-to-action button. Paid ads on social media are a great way to reach out to specific group of target users by age, income or demographics. 

Another facet of utilising social networks is to engage social media influencers. These influencers hold great authority and thought leadership in the digital realm and fans usually liken their tastes and preferences to products that their favourite digital influencers endorse. Depending on the type of business or app, suitable influencers on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram can be partnered with and the reach to specific target audience can be incredible. 

There is a caveat to engaging social media influencers, though. Potential target users may be highly encouraged by their favourite social media influencers at the initial stage, but to have them to continue using the app is a whole other ball game. This involves having a mobile app that ultimately speaks for itself in terms of its features and providence of a value-adding experience.


Strive for Word of Mouth(WOM)

Leaving WOM for last, WOM is probably one of the hardest but best recommendation on the list if you’re looking for long-lasting impacts. The reliance of WOM takes time and effort, and not every business will have the patience to see their efforts bear fruit. However, WOM is by far one of the most promising tactic in any business’ roll-out or marketing strategy because there is no other more credible or trustworthy source than coming from your closest friend or family. A suggestion from a family/friend typically comes from a place of sincerity and thoughtfulness - something that holds sentimental value and of great power. 

This is why mobile apps recommended by friends and/or relatives takes little convincing to download or use and these actions are usually cyclical as well. A functional and user-friendly mobile app that serves its purpose well will be passed on from one family member/close friend to another and it all becomes widespread exponentially, eventually. 


M-commerce is truly the up and coming and it has already reached a point where it is hard to deny it’s prevalence. Taking a step towards the digital future in terms of developing a mobile app for your business means having good foresight, but what comes after should be heavily guarded as well. In this article, we hope to show the importance of an exceptional roll-out strategy. Truly, having a developed mobile app is only half the battle won and being able to garner downloads from new app users as well as sustain their usage is the other half of the battle. 

In our experience, mobile app users can only be won over when an app has note-worthy features that cater to the individual needs of different users. Mobile app development is multi-faceted and it is what makes it all interesting and worth it when it comes to increasing revenue, efficiency or bettering customer-brand relationships.




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