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POSB Switched Things Up In Their App And We Are Loving It

Friday, 16 August, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

POSB Switched Things Up In Their App And We Are Loving It

If there’s any business out there that took our 6 Ways to Give Your Mobile App A Fresh New Look article into practice, it would be Singapore’s well-trusted bank POSB. What seemingly felt like it happened overnight, our team knows that the newly polished app will be a hit with Singaporeans. 


What Did POSB Do and Why We Find It So Amazing


No More Dreary Logins + Higher In-App Security

As if the number of username and password combinations are not enough to remember by heart, the moment getting denied because our username or password does not match couldn’t be more timely. Think of this scenario: Fuming, you storm to the nearest atm hoping to get the bank errand done and over only to find a long queue ahead of you. 

Well we’re sure glad that POSB finally enabled Face ID and Fingerprint ID login. Gaining access to the app to settle our finances on-the-go has been made easier and it’s no longer stressful to try to finger out our special user IDs and PIN when logging into the app.

Aside from easier and more convenient access to the app, there is also increased security now that Face/Fingerprint ID is coupled with an OTP right before any fund transfers are permitted. 


A Fresh New Look



The digibank app used to have a ‘hamburger’ menu on the top left hand corner which required users to tap on it before tapping into what they need. The process of navigating through the app necessitates the user to go from screen to screen in order to complete a transaction or online payment to another party. This means that there was significant waiting time as each screen loaded, making the user experience slow, segmented and un-engaging. 

The new app’s UI/UX design boasts the beautiful skyline of Singapore’s CBD, revealing to users all the functions in lieu of icons, enabling them to tap on exactly what they need even before logging in. With simple up/down scrolling motions, the user is able to reach specific screens in the app directly, unlike the old design. 

This long awaited spruce up on POSB’s part has indeed made online banking a breeze and is able to better cater to the needs of users who require mobile banking service. In the world of mobile apps, anything that is deemed slow or inconvenient will be tossed aside by mobile app users who usually have short attention spans. POSB certainly did not want to go down that route and quickly revamped their app before users hop onto other service providers. 

As business owners of any industry, refreshing your mobile app features and capabilities becomes much needed as mobile app users become increasingly demanding in their expectations. Working with a professional team like Massive Infinity, it is encouraged that you consult the team in helping you identify which of the latest app development trends can incorporated into your existing mobile app. A reworked app typically enables the business to enjoy new app users and increased customer loyalty towards the brand.


Personalised Banking 



The newly designed app now allows personalisation to each user account, a very sought after mobile app development trend in 2019. It definitely is an improvement from the previous app design which did not allow personalisation of any kind. Now the app enables users to take a peek at their bank balance without needing to login, a hassle-free and much needed feature that serves all of their customers positively. 

More personalisation features in the app include reordering sections that appear on the main screen after login and other quicklinks for those that require other services more frequently. 

We also talked about indulging in user personalisation in our article here, and also went in-depth about allowing users to customise their push notifications settings. Regardless of the type of business and industry, personalisation can go a long way and is most likely here to stay for a long while. Some benefits of in-app personalisation includes creating a sense of affinity between the brand and customer, which helps in prolonging the app usage duration. This in turn increases customer interaction and revenue for the business. 


Well-Tested and Bug-Free 

If you haven’t had the chance to log into your POSB digibank app, or if you don’t put your money with POSB, the mobile app user experience is truly one that you are missing out on. Living up to its sterling reputation, the bank’s new app relaunched itself being bug-free, signifying endless hours of testing behind-the-scenes. It truly is commendable when a new mobile app is able to be glitch-free and also impeccable in its features at the same time. That has always been the goal of Massive Infinity and all our mobile apps developed go through at least three rounds of testing on both our client’s and our side. 

Be it a new mobile app being developed or an existing one that is being upgraded, a trusted team of developers is the most pivotal. Once a mobile app is launched and users start interacting with all the features, they start forming impressions towards the brand and will be quick to judge whether they would like to continue having the app on their smartphones or not. 


Having a bug-free and well-tested app beats anything on the list of features that should be included in your mobile app. If your business has had a running mobile app for 1 to 2 years and it hasn’t seen light of any additional works, do speak with our professional and trustworthy team to examine if there are any loose ends to tie up so you can serve your target users with an enriched experience. A quick way to get your message across would be to fill up the enquiry form below, or to give us a call directly.



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