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6 Ways To Give Your Mobile App A Fresh New Look

Friday, 26 July, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

6 Ways To Give Your Mobile App A Fresh New Look

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you’ll see that most of your reads would have been reasons on why your business should develop a mobile application. However, this article is different. It’s time to switch things up and if you are one of the many businesses with a mobile app, this one’s for you. 

Here’s a scenario: Your business has a mobile app for a few years now and for the longest time, you feel like it could do good with some sprucing up. Perhaps over the years statistics show that it hasn’t been able to retain users as well as it used to, or it feels outdated because all the other new apps seem to have newer and better features. If all of these sound familiar, this short read might be what you need to pull your current mobile app out of its (impending) rut.


1. Test Your App

This is first and foremost, and should not be disregarded. Granted that your app would or should have undergone several rounds of testing before its launch, new bugs and issues still would have arose over the years. These glitches should not be ignored or cast aside for another time as the higher the occurrence of glitches, the less time users will spend on the app. 

Bugs and issues should be flagged to the team before anything else. App maintenance takes time and must be prioritised at the top to ensure that users get a smooth and bug-free experience when using the app. Glitches prevent users from fully utilising the features of the app and turns them away to another app that can provide them with a better user experience.


2. Increase App Security

Statistics from Arxan show the following:

  • 100% of the Top 100 paid Android apps;
  • 56% of the Top paid iOS apps;
  • 73% of most popular free Android apps;
  • 53% of most popular free iOS apps had been hacked before.

These numbers are real causes of concern, especially if your mobile app had been developed a few years ago where in-app security was not as emphasised as heavily as today. An article from few months ago also talked about focusing on app security as one of the mobile app development trends in 2019 and the coming years, you may click here to read more. 

Most mobile apps require users to create an account with personal information and if your mobile app is one of the many, and have yet to step up on security measures such as two-factor authentication, face ID enablement or data encryption, it’s high time to get a developer to increase the security walls of the app. 

Increasingly, users are becoming sharper when it comes to protecting their private information. With newer apps having multiple layers of security, users may begin to be more wary of other apps which do not provide adequate app security and stop using the app completely.


3. Give It A New UI/UX Design



Are you able to guess which UI/UX design is more common today?


Mobile app user interface designs have evolved tremendously with technological advancements. As mobile app developers improve their craft over the years, mobile apps these days are able to support more animation in terms of features and designs and interaction with users. This also does not discount the fact that smartphones have changed immensely since its first generation, such as increasing screen sizes and reducing the number of buttons on the phone. 

The screens on the right are 2019 UI/UX designs and they enable the user to scroll up, down, left and right until they tap on what they need. Gone are the days where we navigate the app going from screen to screen just to find what we need, which can sometimes be fruitless labour. 

If your mobile app was created more than 2 years ago and has not kept up with app maintenance or updates, chances are there would be many front-end and back-end features that are close to obsolete. This makes the user experience less than ideal for your users and can affect the user retention rate of your app.

We have curated an article for you to get inspired by the latest UI/UX designs today. It’s only important to keep up with our radical technology today but you don’t have to do it alone. The team at Massive Infinity are a bunch of tech junkies ready to provide you with the help and guidance you need - it’s as simple as dropping us a short message in our enquiry form below or to call us at +65 6270 0991.


4) Step Into Phase 2 or Add New App Features

Another way to lift your mobile app to a new height would be to add new features or improve current features to better the user experience. A good point to start with would be to look into the current needs of users(and have they changed since the mobile app was first launched) or perhaps there is a new target segment you would like your current mobile app to serve. 

By improving/adding new features, it gives the marketing team fresh tools for their marketing strategies. With every new feature, a new touchpoint between the brand and customer is established, providing more opportunities of communication. Mobile app users generally have short attention spans and are attracted to novelty. A simple change in app logo or improvement to a specific app feature can give a significant spike to mobile app usage.

You might want to look into our articles here and here to gain some inspiration on how you can take your current mobile app into phase 2 to give a value-added experience to your users. 


5) Indulge In User Personalization & Push Notifications 

The addition of user personalisation in mobile apps is not unchartered ground in 2019, but it was unheard of a few years ago in the mobile app development industry. Today app users are able to turn on and off features and notification settings according to their own desires. Apps today are also intelligent enough to suggest to users what they need and want at opportune timings based on user algorithms. Soon enough this would be the standard and perhaps even one of the basic features mobile apps have. 

User personalisation and enablement of push notifications are exceptionally useful for apps belonging to certain industries. From our experience, mobile apps for E-commerce typically benefit the most when their apps are able to promptly notify users of discounts, flash deals or products that have been shopping for. Such features allow for real-time mobile marketing,  capturing customers at the right time with the right products/services.

As with push notifications, we have previously written an in-depth article on the benefits of it - click here for your own perusal. In essence, push notifications are highly advantageous to your business and the Massive team greatly encourage it if has yet to grace your mobile app and its users.


6) Bring Your App to Other Screens


The advent and move of our technological society towards The Internet of Things(IoT) will continue to chide the mobile app industry to branch out its compatibility to other screens. Increasingly, more businesses would require their mobile apps to be compatible with other smart devices such as the Apple Watch, Car Systems, or household items such as the refrigerator. 

To stay ahead of the game would be to start looking into this, especially if the purpose of your existing app befits the expansion to other device screens. One example would be a grocery delivery service app - other than having it on mobile phones, the app itself could be on the fridge’s door, linked to the current fridge’s inventory. It could also be ported to the user’s smart watch, enabling the person to be notified of a delivery that is on its way or necessary order for a certain good that is running low in the fridge at home. 



If technology is here to stay, might as well have it be of full value and convenience to us. That’s what we love about our jobs at Massive Infinity. We strive to make apps better for you and others. If you’re ready to give your mobile app a fresh new look, drop us a message down below or give us a call today!



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