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Things People Say About Mobile App Development That Are Actually Myths

Wednesday, 17 July, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

Things People Say About Mobile App Development That Are Actually Myths

As mobile app developers, we believe that our job is not only in coding digital solutions but we also have the duty of sharing our technical knowledge with others. Our experience in the industry over the years have allowed us with many encounters, be it from our clients or friends.

The following statements may or may not be true, more often than not, they are myths in some contexts. If you are on your way to developing a mobile app for your business, you might want to have some of these myths debunked, especially if you have encountered them from hear-say around Singapore.


“Your business needs a mobile app because everyone else has it.”

We get it, FOMO is real. Every other business seem to have an app or is about to launch an app of their own. Staying relevant in this competitive landscape should be top priority so that definitely makes it feel like you’re lagging behind without a mobile app to flaunt.

Today, the Massive team would like to steer you in the direction of careful consideration. Think about a problem or issue you would like to solve in your company. Perhaps it has been ongoing for awhile and for months, or even years, and has contributed to the slump in revenue. What could have been done better? Was it because there was a lack of technology that impeded the company’s growth? If it isn’t then maybe putting extra budget into developing a mobile app isn’t the best idea since it doesn’t nip the root cause of the issue. 

Another point to consider would be, if the problem could be solved with a digital solution, would your target audience be receptive? These questions are actually big questions for deliberation that can make or break the situation in the office. It’s crucial to put extra time and thought into this as mobile app development should not be taken lightly. Approach a team with a solid plan in mind and allow them to guide you in the process. A solid plan would enable your team to explain to the development team the problems, your business needs and target audience sufficiently, so the end product can be customised to your needs.


“You’re not supposed to launch the mobile app until it is perfect.”

This is probably one of the things the team at Massive Infinity had to learn and get better at over the years. It’s only of high standards to bring perfection to the table, especially when we have had the opportunity to work with established brands such as FourFingers, Capitaland and Royal Caribbean. In the perfect world, we would all strive for perfect things, but in the real world, time and money have their heavy hands on many situations. 

The reality of the lack of time and tight budget may give rise to the occurrence of an app that has less features than planned. While some companies may be able to promise to deliver the entire app in said amount of time, the team of developers at Massive Infinity will always choose to uphold standards and only deliver the product after several rounds of testing are completed. 

Over the years, the team has adapted by suggesting to some of our clients who are time or cash strapped to launch their app in phases. This means that the entire mobile app is thought out right from the start, but each feature is selected and classified into separate phases. The most common way of classification would be by priority or budget. 

App development should be looked at as a continuous process instead of a one-off thing. The first launch does not have to be perfect in the way that it has all the features one could dream of, but perfect in a way that is bug-free with well-developed features.


“Just invest some money into developing an app and then you won’t have to worry anymore.”

If you heard/know anything about investing, there truly is no such thing as putting some money somewhere and then not being worried about it ever. As mentioned above, mobile app development is a process. To develop a stellar and robust app that fits the needs of your business takes several iterations and improvements. This means that app maintenance is a must-have, in order to satisfy the needs of your target users on a daily basis. The importance of app maintenance can’t be emphasised enough - frequent updates are required in order to stay relevant and continue to serve the needs of your target users via the app that is smooth and bug-free.

The takeaway is not to think that developing and maintaining a mobile app is worrisome and tedious, but to know that in order to have a successful and fulfilling app, it is almost inevitable that there would be a cycle of brainstorming, developing, testing and maintaining.


“Are you sure the business needs a mobile app? It is super expensive!”

While it’s true that the cost of mobile app development can be expensive, it is also true that mobile app development can come at a comfortable cost. This is where customisation comes to play, and it is something Massive Infinity has always been providing to our clients. We believe in customised solutions because every business need and budget is different, so we take pride in prioritising your needs and using our expertise to cater to it. 

Generally, the cost of mobile app development is influenced by the number and complexity of the app features (and design if you do not have in-house UI/UX designers). We provide solutions at varying budgets and support our clients in achieving their dream mobile app by planning the entire mobile app development journey with them. This includes developing the app in consecutive phases, or replacing certain functions of the app with less complex but similar capabilities whenever possible.

It may be super expensive, but the cost of mobile app development truly depends on many factors. Click here to read more or speak to the team about the investment you are willing and able to put in and as professionals, we are always ready to provide you with a digital solution that fits your needs. 


“When you have a mobile app the company’s revenue will increase.”

Before getting all excited because revenue increase is most commonly sought after year on year, have you done any (thorough) research on your target customers or users? E.g. How much time are they spending on their mobile devices, what are their demographics and lifestyle habits? 

Definitely, if you’re targeting millennials who are tech-savvy and mostly own and fully utilise their smartphones, a mobile app may be a good bet to increase revenue for the business. On the other hand, if your type of business caters mostly to the elderly who are not tech-savvy and do not own smartphones, then investing in a mobile app might not be the best idea. 

To add on, if your business does not have a tangible product or service, or if you’re planning for a training and development app, then those are not direct effects of revenue increase. This means that your newly launched app may not immediately contribute to any increase in revenue for the next couple of months, but perhaps can value-add to your business in the long run. 

Do bear in mind that established brands such as Charles and Keith or Sephora have many reasons to take their brick-and-mortar businesses digital. Both brands have tangible products and/or services for customers and they have done years of in-depth research before launching their mobile app many years ago. Their sophisticated user interface, coupled with straight-to-the-point and useful features no doubt are the propellers of higher revenue. 

If you’re thinking of increasing the company’s revenue by developing a mobile app, do consider the above points and also keep in mind that with all things in your favour, the first investment for the app development may take some time to breakeven before it starts to bring in the bucks. 


We hope that this article has been useful in busting some myths in the mobile app development industry, Now you can make better judgements and more informed decisions on behalf of the company when it comes to mobile app development. As tech geeks, digital solutions in our world will always be more of a boon than a bane. The right team is important in ensuring the planning and execution process runs smoothly. Our customised solutions enable every business, big or small, to enjoy digital freedom. If you’re ready to leap into a project, you may leave us a message below. 



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