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Top Apps In Singapore & Why Singaporeans Love These Apps

Saturday, 6 July, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

Top Apps In Singapore & Why Singaporeans Love These Apps

It may come as a surprise to know that on average, Singaporeans have 115 apps downloaded on their smartphones and use 46 of them. Yes, you read that right. Do we really have that many apps on our phones? 


Here’s a list on Singapore’s top mobile applications in 2019:


With WhatsApp, GrabFood and DBS Paylah! topping the charts, it’s needless to say, but we Singaporeans are indeed a practical bunch. It seems that the top downloaded apps are mainly those that exist for a specific practical function rather than one for entertainment. One of the contributing reasons that encourage the downloads of these apps is because we utilise these mobile apps multiple times a day as they help us run errands and complete tasks despite of our hectic lives. 

While practicality may be a huge reason, the team at Massive Infinity decided to use our technical knowledge to dive deeper into finding out why Singaporeans can’t live without these mobile apps on our smartphones. Perhaps, if you’re looking to develop a mobile application, you could takeaway a thing or two from this article.


1) Full Feature Main Menu

Highly downloaded mobile apps are designed to optimise usability by having all the main features of the app within the users’ fingertips. 

Mirroring the Grab App, it aligns all its features in one look on its home screen, enabling the user to quickly reach for what they need at anytime. The invention of smartphones and apps were meant to make modern lives more convenient and fuss-free. The thought of having to go from screen to screen just to look for what we need is a complete turn off and waste of time. No wonder apps like Grab and its similar counterparts with full feature main menus are able to find themselves a hefty spot on the list of top downloaded apps in Singapore.


2) In-app Payment Gateways

It’s probably not unusual to be carting out online and be redirected to a webpage to key in payment information. We can say it’s normal, but do realise that these top downloaded apps make it a point to have stellar in-app payment gateways. This means that everything from browsing to making the purchase is done within the app and the whole experience is smooth and seamless. 

Most of the time, you will see that the web pages outside of the app is not optimised for our mobile phone screens. This makes it difficult for users to follow through, and sometimes it even adds on to the risk of turning away potential customers or clients because the buying process is not to their liking. Having all the possible functions from start to end within the same app is important in fast forwarding the sales cycle process, possibly enabling you to reach your sales and financial goals for the company. 



3) Superb Security Features

Many of us reading this article are sure to be frequent users of at least one of these apps listed. At some point, we must have keyed in a special PIN upon entering the app or encountered some form of 2 Factor Authentication. This is especially common for banking or finance mobile apps such as DBS Paylah!.

The key function of added security features is to provide users with a peace of mind when using these apps. Having 2FA or specified PINs upon entering the app gives users a sense of confidence to continue using the app on a daily basis when they know their personal and confident information are being well protected. 

If you think it is not necessary for your upcoming mobile app to have such potent security features, do consider upping the security level feature by other means such as Fingerprint ID or Face ID before enabling the full utility of the mobile app.

Increasingly, top notch security features are being highly demanded so most users would expect their mobile apps to have a thing or two for security purposes.


4) Interactive & Personable

Last but not least, the Massive team is possibly best at giving value-added information on this point. Having developed mobile applications of all sorts for years, the demand and hype for a backend analytics system seem to be growing, and for an explainable reason. 

Ever wondered why some apps like GrabFood or Lazada seem to know when to push and what to say in their notifications? In the week you have been searching for robot vacuums, Lazada seem to coincidentally feature several brands of robot vacuums on discount. As mobile app developers, we not only have the expertise to develop an app that performs superbly on the frontend for users, but also a robust backend system for the management team to be in touch with the different personalities of their target users. Not only does it enable brands to be more interactive and interesting on mobile platforms, but it also helps them to be personable, which helps to build loyal customer relationships. 

We have done an in-depth article on push notifications, click here if you would like to know more.


With all that above, it still isn’t a foolproof method to be another one of these top downloaded apps in Singapore. There are definitely other factors to take note of, such as looking out for upcoming trends in the mobile app development industry or more importantly, digging deep into learning more about your target users. 

It is also said that Singapore is considered a mature market for mobile apps, meaning that the advent of smartphones in our society is not necessarily a new thing. We have had smartphones for over a decade and mobile apps aren’t new to us. Over the years, Singaporeans have found and continued to use their “go-to” apps and in order for new mobile apps to be the next big thing, it should address a market gap, have features that can address the appropriate wants and needs of its target users and also have up-to-date functions that are highly regarded in the mobile app development industry. 

Do explore other articles we have features on our blog as it will be useful on your mobile app development journey. You may also drop the team a message below or give us a call if you need to have your burning questions answered right away. 



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