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4 Useful Tips for Prioritising The Best Features For Your Mobile Application

Friday, 17 May, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

4 Useful Tips for Prioritising The Best Features For Your Mobile Application

You’re in the process of developing a mobile application for your company, and it’s all kinds of exciting! Finally you’re able to serve a need for your target audience or address one of their pressing pains with a digital solution. You’ve also put in the effort to educate yourself and have done deep research on the rising trends and top features of mobile apps in the industry. 


The Massive Infinity team is as excited to be a part of your journey, and this article will contain the useful tips you’ll need. We can tell you straight up that you won’t need all of the trending and top features of 2019, at least for the first version of your mobile app. Do bear in mind that developing a stellar mobile app takes dedication - it involves app improvements, maintenance and research. It is definitely not a one-off thing alike to buying a product off the shelf. 


If you haven’t read our related articles, you can find them here and here. Those articles may be able to give you a bird’s eye view of some of the features you can include in your app, but this article is one for you to bookmark as it’ll teach you how to prioritise what you and your target app users need. 


Tip #1: Define the Purpose of The App 

The first question you should set time aside for to brainstorm and gather insights on the following questions:

  1. Why are you developing a mobile application?
  2. What is the problem statement your company wants to address?
  3. Set objectives - e.g. To reach a sales target or to hit specific KPIs


Tip #2: List Down Project Requirements

Once you have a good idea of what you want your mobile app to do, identify reasonable parameters your company is able to work with. This mainly involves time and costs:

  1. How many hours is the team willing and able to set aside for internal and external meetings?
  2. When is the targeted launch date of the app?
  3. What is the estimated budget, keeping in mind both app development and post-app maintenance & improvements


The above questions is a good starting point to slowly steer your team in the direction of finding out what you want and need, and it’s an activity that is pretty much focused on the company. An equally important group that will require heavy research and deep thinking would be your mobile app’s target users.


Tip #3: Get To Know Your Target Users Really Well

Once you have defined a target group of users for the app, gather as much consumer insights about their preferences and behaviour as possible. Find out the amount of time spent on mobile apps on their phones, what phone brands and models are the majority using, what makes one download an app from the app store, what are their pain-points when they come in contact with your product/service, find out how you can build on your company strengths to serve them better, etc. 

Working out the above 3 guidelines will help with identifying the specific features needed for your upcoming mobile app. The identified mobile app features should address the questions you have answered and be aligned with what had been highlighted. Know that it is okay to not be 100% sure about the features you wish to have. That is why a dedicated and professional team like Massive Infinity is useful and we can work together to identify and prioritise the most essential mobile app features that will give the highest ROI. 


Tip #4: Extra Features for the Added ‘Oomph’

Now that you have addressed the concerns of your target app users as well as how the mobile app can be an advantage to your business, there are some features that are fairly important and almost a must to have starting this 2019. 

Strong and reliable mobile app security is seen as a given these days. It’s always best to develop a mobile app that is able to work against external factors such as personal data theft and leakage. Many businesses make use of mobile apps as an outlet to collect valuable user data and a lot of confidential information about the various users are collected in the process. If not stored securely, these data are at risk of theft, putting both the company and users at jeopardy. 

Mobile app security is one that the team of developers at Massive Infinity do not skimp on. The coding process is so important and a skilled team is necessary in order for a secure app to be developed. Do ask the team you are partnering with what are the steps they are taking to up their security game as it can make or break the success of your mobile application.

On a less serious note, other extra features that could be prioritised would be those that boost user retention and engagement. Think the Zalora app, where customers are able to wishlist items and then be notified when those items are on sale or if there are other similar items they may like. These help to bring consumer traffic back to the app and also help to boost sales. There are so many unique ways in which you can direct consumer traffic back to your app, most of which are customised to best fit your business needs.


Starting a project on mobile app development will be one of the most incredible journey your business will take. It is much more than just a once-off investment. If done right, it can serve different purposes for different seasons, weathering different climates with your team. The Massive team is always ready to help and reaching out to us is easy. If listing out your project requirements and priorities is too much of a hassle, just drop us an email or call and we can help you get started!




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