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Read This and You'll Stop Questioning Why Your Business Needs A Customised App

Saturday, 4 May, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

Read This and You'll Stop Questioning Why Your Business Needs A Customised App

The increasing use of smartphones has redefined the entire marketing landscape for businesses. The number of mobile applications available for download are increasing exponentially daily and there is an app for literally anything and everything. If your business currently has a well-functioning website, well, websites are not yet a thing of the past. But your business might lag behind without mobile app development in the near future. 

Giving competitors who have long planned to develop or have mobile apps specially customised for them an edge over your business is just a no-go. However, if that’s not a good enough reason for you to start brainstorming on how your customers and/or even employees can benefit from a mobile app, here’s 4 succinct reasons:


1) Increased Customer Engagement 

This is more of a two-pronged solution for your business. Developing a customised mobile application will not only give rise to more channels and touchpoints for customer interactions, sales and revenue will increase considerably as well. An example would be to implement in-app on loyalty programmes and promotions. Companies such as Starbucks are doing so successfully, and with the attractive rewards and deals, customers are more likely to make repeated purchases, hence boosting sales for the business. 


2) Improved Customer Service

Think of an app as a digital mode of communicating with customers. Unlike brick and mortar stores where floor staff have to physically speak to customers to find out their like and dislikes, a customised mobile app with a backend management system is able to effortlessly collect data and information about target customers. The mobile app is able to track the behaviour of individual users, and with machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming more common these days, the user experience can be enhanced and personalised for each user according to their user behaviour. 

Adding a chatbot or 24/7 help centre on the app also provides customers with the immediacy that they need when they encounter problems with carting out or have technical issues. These days customers have short attention spans and waiting on an email reply 3 working days later just doesn’t suffice. If providing tip-top customer service is at the heart of your business, consider these referring to our article: What's a Chatbot & Why Is It Important?


3) Stronger Brand Presence & Visibility 

The average person with a smartphone spends an average of about 2 hours using mobile applications. It is almost safe to say that it is a clear given that your business and brand will have higher visibility amongst this group of consumers. Having a dedicated mobile app to your business provides convenience and attainability for people. Knowing that a product or service is readily available for them to browse and purchase keeps the brand name at the top of mind, strengthening the brand presence of your business. In a world where branding plays a pivotal role, every business is bound to have an advantage with a customised mobile application. 


4) Direct Traffic Back to Web

As mentioned above, websites are not outdated at all, so fear not! The team at Massive Infinity still very much believe that both the website and mobile application should be developed to complement each other. Perhaps the mobile app is perfect for on-the-go browsing, but the website, if typically visited on a computer, has a larger screen and thus is able to display more information and text at once, which might be the propeller for purchase for some customers. Having both a website and mobile app helps to cover the various preferences of consumers and empowers them to make a purchase for your product or service on their own terms. If this is something your target users are looking for, then your mobile app can be optimised to serve this purpose.



Remaining relevant is so important in this fast-changing world of trying to exceed customer’s expectations. We understand that it is a challenging task to not only earn, but keep customers to meet the increasing sales quota year on year. Massive Infinity is also readily-equipped to be on this journey with you. Even if your business is not B2C or focused on providing a product/service, the team here is well experienced to guide you along. We have proudly worked with various B2C, B2B and closed company apps partnerships, some of our highlights being the Changi Airpot Group App, Chan Brothers, Royal Carribean and Philip Morris. Click on the links to find out more, or drop us a message/call if you’re ready to start a project!




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