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Top Features to Consider For Your Mobile App

Friday, 5 April, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

Top Features to Consider For Your Mobile App

Some mobile app features may be trending this 2019, but they may not be all or what your target users need. Mobile app users these days are forward-thinking and expect the best, so other than keeping things cool and trendy, you might want to consider these almost-essential features for your upcoming mobile app development project.


1) User Personalization

An enjoyable mobile experience is all about user control. Personalisation enables the mobile user and you to easily gather and control data. This means that your mobile app would be able to offer an enhanced mobile experience for the user as the app seemingly knows and provides the right information to the user at the opportune time. This win-win situation in turn enables you to gather customer information effortlessly, further boosting the fuel of the marketing and sales team.


2) Productive Customer Service

Having more touchpoints will never be a bad thing, and it truly makes the lives of customers a whole lot easier when communication channels are open with the company they have a relationship with. Maintaining and strengthening the trust and relationship between the brand and consumer is no easy feat that can be done overnight. Having a mobile app enables you to provide a more productive customer service where users can easily navigate through the app to find a communication channel they are comfortable with - be it in-app messaging, emailing or calling the landline. 


3) Offline Access

This is nothing new, but it is greatly appreciated particularly in certain industries or for certain target users. For example, the travel and engineering industry would definitely welcome mobile app features with offline access. Target users would then be able to use the app while on the plane and start planning their itinerary before they touch down. Also, engineers are sometimes found in obscure places where there is low connectivity so offline access becomes quintessential. 

Massive Infinity has proudly zapped on this important feature for engineers and similar professionals with Rapport. This photo-reporting app boasts offline features to aid the working processes of engineers, even when they are underground or far from bustling civilisation. 


4) User Interface Customisation

Think smartphones and you will know one can fully customise where each app should be. Our mobile apps should offer the same as well, increasing the ease of use for users. Not mandatory, and probably something not all mobile app ‘producers’ would harp on, but it definitely is a nice gesture to enable users to choose how they want their app to appear to look like. Little things such as background pictures or font colours go a long way. These small touches might just be the personal touch to heighten likability and increase usage of the app, making your app stand out from the rest.


With all the information out there about developing a mobile app, it can get a bit confusing or overwhelming. Should you allow user customisation and enable offline access or not? Plus there is a whole list of trendy things that you want to include or else your app will be deemed 'old-fashioned' or 'unattractive and unexciting'.

The team at Massive Infinity is always a contact button away. Before worrying about the number and types of mobile app features, let us know the challenges you have in your organisation and how things run on a daily basis. We want to learn more about your business before we jump into these great and important details about mobile app features.



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