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Why Mobile Apps are Essential in Boosting Businesses

Friday, 5 April, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

Why Mobile Apps are Essential in Boosting Businesses

It's no doubt that almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Singapore alone has a smartphone usage penetration of about 73% and this percentage increases year on year. It’s undeniable that it is becoming more essential to the way we live. From kids to adults, and more commonly the senior age group, smartphones are used and owned for several different reasons.

The usage of mobile phones is a major factor in why businesses incorporate mobile applications into their marketing strategies. Big brands and companies aren’t the only ones using mobile apps; small to medium enterprises proudly use mobile apps too. If your organisation is thinking about incorporating one to your daily practices, this article will show you the different reasons why you should invest in a mobile application right away:


1. Giving users key information and functions at their fingertips

With more than 73% of Singaporeans being smartphone users, the statistic shows how our everyday lives depend on mobile technology. Thus to reach a wide range of consumers, you have to be at the technological forefront by providing accessibility and interacting with customers through the use of a mobile app. A mobile app enables you to provide convenience to users to a variety of features paramount to your business. This providence is well suited to the busy lifestyles of Singaporeans, where more are achieved on-the-go, at their fingertips. 

One example of an app by Massive Infinity’s is “BAM!”. BAM! is one out of the many reasons how a mobile app can enhance businesses and shopping experiences for users.

It was designed with the essence of E-commerce as its driving force. BAM! is a platform for sellers to sell their art pieces, while buyers can browse through the catalogue anywhere at any time. The app also overcomes the widely known dilemma of online shopping, which is the unavailability to touch and feel the product.

With the power of augmented reality technology, buyers are able to place the art pieces of choice at any location to help them visualise how the artwork will look like before purchasing.


2. Establishing direct communication with customers and staff

The nature of mobile apps allows the brand to directly communicate with both customers and staff. With push-notifications or messages, customers are notified when there is a sale, a promotional offer, or a new product launch.

Customers and consumers are also able to provide feedback via the app. An app eases the problem of seeking assistance when shopping or navigating through the app when there is a chatbot or staff on the other end to provide almost immediate and fuss-free support.

With closed apps solely used in the organisation for training purposes, the management is also able to communicate with their staff outside of work regarding important administrative matters or upcoming events such as training workshops or recreational gatherings.

3. Reduce the organisation’s manual labour

If your business is in an industry such as logistics where time and accuracy is of essence, mobile apps can be of great help. Work requiring manual labour such as data entry or tracking the movement of parcels and articles from the warehouse to delivery location, can now be done by using technology. This gives workers more time and space to improve the business.

If the management team is thinking of ways to reduce cost and headcount, a fully-developed mobile app with customised functions and features could be the perfect solution to the business.


If you’re open to exploring the wonderful advantages of modern technology, then we’re the right people for your new, exciting project. Start boosting your business the digital way by getting us onboard. We are huge believers of customisation as there is no one-size-fits-all. The team will customise a mobile app or digital business solution to complement the nature and needs of your business to give it the lift you have been aiming for.




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