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5 Articles To Read Before You Start Your Mobile App Development Project

Friday, 5 April, 2019, POSTED BY Massive Infinity

5 Articles To Read Before You Start Your Mobile App Development Project

We know the online space is super content-saturated. As much as we have much to say because we are so passionate about mobile app development, the team at Massive Infinity also prioritises providing value and the right knowledge to those who are encountering a mobile app development project for the first time.

These 5 articles that we have so specially curated for you should nicely help settle you in with all the information that you will need. We’ve highlighted the important points of each article, or why they belong to this precious list of 5, so pick whatever you need or read them all.


1. What Is Mobile App Development?


We haven’t come across a better or more comprehensive article than what Amazon Web Services has done for this title. Starting from the basics of describing what mobile app development is to the minute details of front-end and back-end development and comparing native vs. hybrid, this article has already covered quite a fair bit.


2. 11 Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out For In 2019


If you’ve decided to launch a mobile app this year, do it right by having features you know users will appreciate. Be the reason why your target users should download your app this year. 


3. iOS and Android App Development: Where to Start When Going Mobile


Read this if you didn’t know iOS and Android devices require different codes for development. They are systematically different and this article will guide you in deciphering which is more important or why you should be hiring a team of developers who can develop a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android.


4. Thinking of Creating a Mobile App? Here’s 8 Things You Should Know


It wouldn’t make sense if all 5 articles were from external writers. The Massive Infinity team is always proud of our work and we believe the content we put out there truly educates and value adds to the knowledge of our readers. This in-depth but straightforward article will cover all grounds before you dive into your mobile app development project.


5. Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Payment Gateways


Thinking of branching into the digital world for your business? E-commerce is the way to go this year. The above articles will guide you in deciding the various factors of mobile app development but if your mobile app is going to be a platform for any sort of business transaction, this read might be worth your time. A good payment gateway will help close and seal the deal with your customers smoothly.


Talk to us if you’re still having doubts or are feeling more confident to speak and embark on your mobile app development journey. The team at Massive Infinity have had many years of field experience and we can’t wait to learn and grow with your business.




Thinking of Creating a Mobile App? Here's 8 Things You Should Know.

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