Why Mobile Apps are Essential in Boosting Businesses

Massive Infinity

It's no doubt that almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Singapore alone has a smartphone usage penetration of about 73% and this percentage increases year on year. It’s undeniable that it is becoming more essential to the way we live. From kids to adults, and more commonly the senior age group, smartphones are used and owned for several different reasons.

The usage of mobile phones is a...



5 Articles To Read Before You Start Your Mobile App Development Project

Massive Infinity

We know the online space is super content-saturated. As much as we have much to say because we are so passionate about mobile app development, the team at Massive Infinity also prioritises providing value and the right knowledge to those who are encountering a mobile app development project for the first time.

These 5 articles that we have so specially curated for you should nicely help settle you in with all the information...



Why React Native Is The Way To Go In 2019

Massive Infinity

This 5-minute article will shell out some good, simple reasons why you need to find a team of mobile app developers who can handle React Native without any qualms. We can’t deny that there’s so much science and tech behind the whole React Native shabam, but trust that this would be a digestible read that has watered down words and terms that is different from a developer’s textbook. 


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